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PostSubject: NOSZSCAPE 562 VOTING   NOSZSCAPE 562 VOTING Icon_minitimeMon May 03, 2010 7:13 pm

Q: Many of you will ask, why should I vote? What's in it for me?

Reasons for voting:

1. Its not costing you anything
2. It only takes a minute of your time
3. Everyone appreciates it
4. It supports the server itself in so many ways including bringing in more players, improving economy, boosts the amount of fun you have, brings in more players willing to do certain things (Ex: Player killing) and so much more.
5. Every so many votes the server recieves a massive drop party involving rare items that no one has for your chance to show your individuality and wealth off to everyone. But only if you can grab it in time! (Drop Parties occur with short term notice so try to be online in time, myself (Pornstar) will declare whether there will be one or not, *Drop Parties occur every 50 votes.*

How to vote:

1. Go to the Noszscape Forums website at ""
2. From there you will be directed to the home page
3. At the top of your screen you'll find the Noszscape heading and below that you should find a conveyor belt type set up where text will scroll by. The text will stop moving if your mouse hovers over it, you will then click the option "Click here to Vote at Runlocus Here!" Behind that should follow another option that says "Click here to vote at Moparscape!" You can click that to vote at Moparscape.
4. Voting on RuneLocus can be done every 24 hours after entering the correct text displayed above.
5. Voting on Morparscape can be done hourly. *Note: You click the green thumbs up icon to vote*

We appreciate you all that have consistently been voting and we hope that you continue to do so. For those who haven't voted yet we would all really appreciate it if you started.

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